Summer Linen Top&Skirt

October 4, 2017 , In: My Tutorials, Uncategorized

Linen is my second favorite fabric, after denim. I found this floral one on a store near the Skopje Bazaar. It was very soft and easy to work with. Considering it was my first experience sewing with linen, it was a success.

I was between a shift dress and a two piece but in the end I chose to make a top and a gathered skirt.

I self drafted the top, and it took some time until I liked how it fit me. I added red buttons on the back. The only problem I had was attaching the sleeves. I hand sewed and ripped them three times, they just looked too big and strange on my arms. So, I realized that maybe I have to narrow the each side seam of the top, a bit. After that, I attached the sleeves again and they looked much better.

As for the skirt, I looked into a lot of gathered skirt online tutorials. I took some tips from there, but I used less fabric than indicated on the tutorials. This, too, took me some time to gather the fabric and the lining. In the end, I attached the zipper and the waistband.

I still have to improve my skills, but I got like a ton of compliments for this outfit that made me very content.

Lots of love and a million thanks for visiting Diyclothes


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