Today I am super excited to talk about the Baby Apron Bib Pattern that I launched a couple of weeks ago. Maybe some of you remember but I first released a free ‘one size’ version of this pattern back in 2019.

This year I worked on a new and improved version of the pattern since sewing and pattern-making for babies are two of the things that I love most.

Baby Apron Bin

The Baby Apron Bib is reversible and can be sewn using two different methods (with or without bias/tape) where instructions and illustrations are included to walk you through each step.

The pattern now comes in three sizes:
Size A 0-12 months
Size B 12-24 months
Size C 24-36 months

This digital pattern contains two PDF files, A Print at Home file and the instruction file which includes printing and instruction steps for the Baby Apron Bib.

I want to note that the free version of this pattern is still available on my blog but if you want to support my work then you can find this pattern on my Etsy Shop.

Baby Apron Bib Pattern

You can find more about my sewing and pattern-making journey on Instagram under @artisticcapatterns and @Tringestudio.



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