Adele Jumpsuit Pattern
Adele Jumpsuit Pattern

Well, I was always intimidated by drafting a pattern for a jumpsuit. Combining pants and a top sewn together seemed a difficult project.

Recently I had the chance to test the Adele Jumpsuit for Sew Love Patterns. So, I thought this was the chance for me to sew a jumpsuit for the first time, and to my surprise, it went smoothly.

The Pattern

As I mentioned above the pattern is from Sew Love Patterns based in the UK. I have been following this pattern studio for some time now and I was super happy to test for this particular jumpsuit. Johanna the designer behind the pattern has such a unique pattern style with very feminine shapes and details.

The pattern was very easy to follow, and instructions also were included. I did not make any adjustments since I was so very close in size to the size C measurements.

If you have in mind to start a jumpsuit, I would definitely recommend this Sew Love Pattern jumpsuit.

The Fabric

As a fabric, I used this deep red floral linen which I purchased some years ago. This particular linen has a bit of weight, but it is very soft and comfortable to wear. Initially, I was not planning to sew a floral jumpsuit but I was way too lazy to go out fabric shopping, so I gave this a try. Needless to say, it turned out beautifully.


As I have said before, linen is one of my favorite fabrics to sew with. I did not have any issues with sewing the jumpsuit as I have been sewing for several years now. But there are still things that I need to learn but anytime I find myself struggling at some point, I stop and think of other ways it can be done. Also, YouTube and seeing other people’s work has been a tremendous learning journey for me.

For this jumpsuit, I decided to add an invisible zipper but I did not have an invisible zipper foot so I made it work with a regular zipper foot. For the next time, I would add more length to the pants since while cutting the pattern I forgot to add the needed allowance.

I am very happy that I got to test this pattern since now I am very comfortable drafting my own pattern too.

So I would suggest not being afraid on starting projects that may look challenging since there is always a way and those who sew know that..

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