Three refashions with crochet doilies

August 23, 2015 , In: DIY Collections, Refashion, Tops

I searched for crochet doilies refashions and I found those three amazing basic tutorials. Personally, I adore crochet doilies. My mother has a lot of them and I grew up seeing her crocheting. Nowadays they aren’t exposed like in the old times and I think this is a brilliant way to display them to the world.

1. Denim and doilies vest Tutorial

Combining a simple denim vest and doilies turned out a very unique refashion made by chicenvelopements. These pieces look so good together and if you plan a similar refashion it doesn’t have to be a vest, you could refashion a denim shirt, dress or jacket in a similar way .

Follow the link for the Denim and doilies vest Tutorial

2. Crochet Collar Shirt Refashion

Another great idea to turn boring shirts into something more appealing. This one is Lisa’s idea from greylustergirl. For this tutorial, you can check the link I added below the pictures.

Follow the link for the Crochet Collar Shirt Refashion

3. Summer t-shirt refashion with lace doily

This lace doily shirt is probably the prettiest and simplest refashion you could make. You can add the piece by hand or a sewing machine. As a result you´ll have a lovely top and a way to show the world your mother’s or granny’s doilies handwork.

Follow the link for the Summer t-shirt refashion with lace doily

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